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The Free Practical Introduction to Vue.js

Learn Vue by building a clone of Gmail

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The Free Practical Introduction to Vue.js

In this quick and fun course, you will get a practical introduction to Vue.js by building a basic clone of Gmail!

Vue.js is one of the leading frontend JavaScript web frameworks. In this hands-on course, you will learn what Vue is, the fundamental concepts of the framework and build your first simple Vue app.

About The Author

Hi I'm Tolga, a Senior Web Developer and Team Lead with years of experience working for large media and enterprise SaaS companies.

Table of Contents

What's inside the course?

  • 1. What is Vue.js?
  • 2. Basics of a Vue component
  • 3. Building an email client UI in Vue
  • 4. How to create a new Vue.js project
  • 5. Building the email list page
  • 6. Vue Lifecycle hooks
  • 7. Email Summary Component
  • 8. Vue Props
  • 9. Vue Computed properties

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