The Free React on Rails 5 course

4 course modules | Instructor: Hrishi Mittal

Learn to build Rails 5 apps with React.js in a day

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You know Rails well. You've been using it for a while, at your job and for your own projects. You've got comfortable using jQuery on the frontend, and come to know its gotchas. Maybe you've dabbled in Backbone or looked at Angular.

Recently, you came across React. Everyone's talking about it. Every other job post on Hacker News mentions it. So you decide to up your frontend game and learn it. 

Maybe you've picked up the basics from some docs, blog posts and Youtube videos. It seems cool. But you're not sure if it's worth using it with Rails just yet.

It's all too confusing and intimidating. You thought React is just a frontend library, and you could just drop it in like jQuery. But then what's all this stuff about Babel, Webpack, ES6, Redux and five different gems for integrating with Rails.

You have more questions than answers now. 

Which gem should I use for integrating React in a Rails app?
Can I still use the asset pipeline?
Do I need to use Browserify or Webpack?
Do I need to make an API to use React?

It's too confusing, so you give up.

"jQuery works fine anyway", you think to yourself.

But you know you need to keep up with the times.

You might be able to get by without React for a few more months, but you know the next client or the next employer will want you to use it.

You won't be able to get that job or expand your freelance business unless you add React to your toolbelt.

You must learn React to make sure you get better work and earn more.

Fortunately, there’s a way to address this: by learning at least enough basics to be able to start using React with Rails. You won't become a pro overnight, you can get started very quickly today.

The Free React on Rails Course

How? With this new video course that teaches you just the right stuff to start using React with Rails. It’s called The Free React on Rails Course. It’ll teach you how you can start incorporating React into your Rails apps, starting from the basic concepts behind React to building a Rails 5 calendar appointments app with it.

It’s not enough to simply learn React. You need to be able to make React work well with a backend system - in your case, a Rails app. This free video course will teach you enough so that you can start upgrading your Rails frontend with the latest hotness in JavaScript land.

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Why is learning React important for a Rails developer?

  • Web UIs have matured a lot over the last decade. We're doing more complex things to build better user experiences on the web. jQuery has served well but even a medium-sized project can now quickly turn into the Flying Spaghetti Monster. React offers a simple yet powerful alternative to spaghetti code.

  • Even if React itself is replaced by something else, the concept of reactive UI - UI as functional components is here to stay. So it'll help you a great deal to learn to use it.

  • In many ways React is to the modern frontend, what Rails is to the backend - there are many alternatives, but React has the best combination of simplicity, power and popularity to make it a great choice.

  • There's a huge and growing market demand for React developers. Many companies are moving their frontend away from plain Rails templates and jQuery over to React, so learning React would give you a unique advantage over others vying for the same jobs.

  • Once you learn to use React with Rails, you can also use React Native to build mobile apps for the same API. This way, your investment in learning React gives you the chance to easily build cross-platform apps.

What You'll Get With This Course

✓ Over 90 minutes of high quality video lessons
✓ Full access to well-structured Git repositories of project code
✓ Access to discussions forum for getting help from the teacher and other students
✓ Personal help from the course teacher

The Free React on Rails course takes a hands-on approach to teach you how to confidently start using React in your Rails projects. It includes video lessons and text explanations of the most important aspects of using React with Rails (see the course lessons list below). 

You will start by learning the basics of React and then build a calendar appointments application. Starting from a classic Rails-style app with jQuery and Haml, you will gradually replace it with React components, putting into practice key concepts along the way.

You will get full access to the project code. You'll also get direct access to the teacher and the community of students for asking any questions and getting all the help you need.

This free course will give you the foundation for learning enough React to start using it in your own apps. 

You can get started in just one day for free!

What students are saying

1487321920229 evansmusomi 150x150

Evans Musomi

" My thoughts on building UIs just got upgraded! Coming from a Rails background, I've always wanted to learn one of the cool front end technologies. The React on Rails course by Hrishi helped me learn about ReactJS, JSX and ES6 from scratch, in manageable chunks. Watching him develop, explain and debug gave me the foundation I need to become proficient. Try out the course - it's definitely worth your investment! "

1487321920233 stangoss 150x150

Stanford C. Goss

" The React on Rails 5 course was a quick and effective introduction into the world of React. It becomes clear very quickly that if you want to be where web development is heading, you need to know React. The instructor breaks things down enough to get you going but keeps things moving. In the end, you've built an impressive and responsive application. "

1487321920236 thomasnash 150x150

Thomas Nash, Senior Vice President at Embark Solar

" This free introductory course clearly outlined where Rails should end and where React should begin. It explained the respective purposes of each technology, and introduced valuable concepts for creating React components. "

1487324823077 lunakang 150x150

Luna Kang

" When it comes to learning React, there are many courses that claim to teach fundamentals, but Hrishi delivers a comprehensive course for free! Not only was the course both engaging and educational but Hrishi has a clear and logical method of teaching that truly connected and inspired me. Hrishi has obviously put a lot of thought and expertise into designing this approachable React on Rails course for beginners -- I can’t speak highly enough of this free course! "

Course Lessons

  • 1. Introduction to React

    1.1. Quick Introduction to key React concepts

  • 2. Getting started with React in Rails

    2.1. Installation and setup of Rails 5 app with react-rails gem

  • 3. Your first Rails app with React

    3.1. Calendar appointments app with jQuery and Haml

    3.2. React props and nested components

    3.3. React State - Handling user form input

    3.4. React State - Handling form submission

    3.5. Using a third-party JavaScript library - Moment.js

    3.6. Using a third-party React component - react-datetime

    3.7. Styling with CSS in React

    3.8. Deploying a react-rails app to Heroku

  • 4. BONUS Module: ECMAScript 6 (ES6)

    4.1. Introduction to ES6 using the react-rails component generator

    4.2. ES6 classes in React

    4.3. ES6 Arrow functions in React

    4.4. Stateless Functional Components in React

    4.5. How to use React with the webpacker gem and Rails 5.1

About the instructor


Hrishi Mittal

I'm the founder of I'm a full-stack web developer with many years of experience building small and large web applications using JavaScript, Ruby, Rails, PostgreSQL, R and other technologies.

Previously, I built a customer analytics product called Gini and a data visualisation app called Pretty Graph.

I'm the author of the R Graphs Cookbook for data visualisation using R.

I have worked as a freelance developer and consultant for various organisations including startups, ecommerce companies and the UK government.