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Full Stack Rails

Learn to build fast, scalable production-quality Ruby on Rails apps with confidence.

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Full Stack Rails

Are you ready for Rails 7?

Everything will change again.

And yet, the fundamentals will remain the same.

This brand new premium video course will teach you everything you need to build fast, modern, scalable production-quality Ruby on Rails apps with confidence.

What you'll build

A 2-sided marketplace app which will cover elements of the most common types of products out there:
  • 2-sided Marketplace - buyers and sellers
  • SaaS - subscription business model for access to specific software features
  • eCommerce - charging one-time fees for goods, shopping cart for buying multiple products
  • Social network - users following each other, writing product reviews
  • Blog - CMS to publish content (text, images, video)

What you'll learn

  • Ruby on Rails fundamentals
  • Hotwire and how it compares to React.js
  • Data modelling - schema design
  • Performance & Architecture
  • Payments - 1-time payments, recurring subscriptions, third-party marketplace payouts (via Stripe Connect)
  • Testing
  • Everything that goes into building and running a production app 

I'm pouring everything I've learned over the last 13 years working with Rails into this course.

I've made many mistakes and learned to write good Rails code the hard way.

This course is your shortcut to avoid the same mistakes I've made.

NOTE: This is a pre-order. The course is under production. Lessons will be published on a rolling basis with a target completion date of mid 2022. 

About The Author

Hi, I'm a senior web developer with over a decade of experience. I've built and shipped software products for many different organisations including small startups, large government departments and enterprise SaaS companies.

I'm the founder of Learnetto (this site!) and the creator of the free Full-Stack Rails Masterclass, the Complete React on Rails Course, Get Your First Developer Job course and the author of the R Graphs Cookbook published by Packt.

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