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6-Figure Contractor Masterclass
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Learn the fundamentals to Launch and Grow Your Career as a Contractor!

Register now to get nearly two hours of FREE training on how to quickly launch your contracting career as a backend, frontend or full-stack developer so you can build the life you’ve been dreaming of.

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  • Did I mention there’s absolutely no charge? Just enter your best email address - there’s no credit card required to join.

About The Author

Hi, I'm a senior web developer with over a decade of experience. I've built and shipped software products for many different organisations including small startups, large government departments and enterprise SaaS companies.

I'm the founder of Learnetto (this site!) and the creator of the free Full-Stack Rails Masterclass, the Complete React on Rails Course, Get Your First Developer Job course and the author of the R Graphs Cookbook published by Packt.

Table of Contents

What's inside the course?

  • 1. Welcome to the 6-figure Contractor Masterclass
  • 2. Why should you become a contractor? - The 3 big benefits of contracting
  • 3. How to look for contract work
  • 4. How to get contract work
  • 5. Apply for the 6-figure Contractor Group Coaching Program

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