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Micro Apps with Python - Online Bootcamp

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Micro Apps with Python - Online Bootcamp

“1. Thoughtful exercises designed to make me hit çommon' pitfalls which challenged me to actively engage, ask questions, debug and resolve issues along the way. This 'forced' me to actively learn, test things and retain information better. 2. Even though the scope for the course was defined, you were happy to discuss 'design decisions', alternatives, and the 'what-if(s)' your mentees posed in the live sessions and asynchronously on Slack. Those discussions were 'golden'. It helped me balance learning in a messy but meaningful way without being overwhelmed with heavy topics - something I really struggled with in the past. 3. When things got hard, you were there to encourage me to keep working on the problem or offer a fresh perspective while keeping things simple - another secret ingredient that was missing from my previous learning recipes. 4. You were open to feedback and questions and helped normalize 'figuring-out stuff on the fly - something I used to feel ashamed of. I feel significantly less anxious now and feel I am managing my impostor syndrome better after the Bootcamp. (Personal growth, yay)”

You learned python, picked one of the best tutorials online, and aced through it. You loved Python and decided it was the one. But you ended up feeling completely lost when you tried to do your own project. It feels as if you have learned nothing. 

You wonder if those hours you have spent on learning the language are utter waste. You switch to other online resources, books that teach Python, but the result are the same. By this time, either it feels like a steep climb, or you have concluded programming not something that’s meant for you.

👩‍💻 Why do I teach this course?

I was in your shoes. I took courses, read blogs, and watched YouTube tutorials. But I felt like hitting a wall every time I wanted to start my own project. There is nothing that crushes your confidence other than staring at a blank screen. Sounds relatable?

Today I am a Python Engineer, building backend systems for the past 5 years. I contributed to open-source projects like Pandas, Rasa, and Airflow. I speak at international conferences, and I am also a Linkedin Instructor with a course on Chatbots with Azure.

For me, things changed when one of my friends sat me down and walked me through every step of building an application. Through this Cohort, I want to be that friend who helps you build an idea into a functional Python application.
What is a Cohort?
A cohort is a small group of students who work together through a curriculum to achieve the same learning objective.

📝 Course Agenda

Week 1 - Project with Python - A primer
  • Python Primer
  • Thinking in Software Engineering
  • Git and Github
Week 2 - Project Design
  • Application Architecture
  • Project design exercises
  • Flask 101
Week 3 - Hands-on Projects
Here is where the real action starts. We will convert the application you designed in the previous week into a fully functional Python Flask application.

Week 4 - Deploy
We deploy our application, pat each other on the back, celebrate our little victory.

📆  More about the course
  • The course runs from Aug 7th, 2021, to Aug 28th, 2021.
  • 4 weekends (8 hours) of live zoom sessions.
  • Practice exercises - 2 hours/week 
  • Project discussion and guidance via slack.
  • Code reviews via Github.
  • Each cohort is just 10 people, so everyone gets individual mentoring.
Basics of Python(variables, for loops, conditionals, class, and functions). Seen these before Good enough
Commitment to Spend 2 hours/week on practice exercises

🔥  Added Bonus
I want to make sure you are successful - but success takes longer than 8 hours. So after the course, we will continue to support you!
  • Get access to TheLearningDev Community to connect with other developers. Peer mentoring and accountability are some of the most important factors in getting to your goals.
  • Guidance to work on your future projects. I will be available to guide you on future projects over slack.
  • Get references to industry people for internship opportunities. I will connect you with relevant people in the industry to help you land the job of your dreams.
- Email why you need a scholarship in a detailed email. I will see what I can do- If you want to sponsor someone's course, write to me.

Email:: [email protected]

Testimonial from past Cohort

“This Bootcamp was a quick restart and confidence gaining experience. I started off by brushing up my python and SQL basics got started off for 4 weeks of Bootcamp activities. Pointers from each week got me ready to work on independent little applications. Working on Flask SqlAlchemy was very new to me but I was able to develop an end-to-end backend application. Bhavani is very knowledgeable and knows how to navigate and help when we are stuck at any point in the project. I wish her all the best in all her endeavors.”

About The Author

  • Senior Software Engineer building Python systems and data pipelines
  • Community Activist Google Developer Group
  • Open source developer Python Pandas
  • Linkedin Learning Instructor


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  • 4 weekends (8 hours) of live zoom sessions

  • Practice exercises - 2 hours/week

  • Code reviews via Github

  • Project discussion and guidance via Slack.

  • Recordings of live sessions

  • Access to TheLearningDev Community

  • Guidance to work on your future projects

  • References to industry people for internship opportunities

  • Access to private discussion forum

  • Full lifetime access

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Frequently asked questions

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What's the timing of the sessions?
The timing of the session would be decided by the cohort collaboratively. Tentatively it will be from 11AM - 1 PM IST on Saturday. But I'm open to change it based on what works best for the batch
I have gone through Python tutorials/completed courses is that enough?
Yes, if you have taken any basic Python course/followed through a tutorial before that's good enough. The Bootcamp will also have a refresher session to brush up on basic Python
Will you pick a sample project for us? Cause i have no idea what project to build
We usually do an idea storming session on the 1st week to come up with an idea for the app to build. If you are cannot fixate on an idea even after the session, you can pick one from the predefined list of ideas.
What effort should I put from my side?
Apart from the 2-hour session, 2 focused hour by yourself have given people wonderful results in the past Every session consists of a bit of knowledge + Application Exercise(Hand holding) + Assignments(Try on your own) Each week's work builds on the top of the previous one, so doing these challenges will be essential. I will be a slack message away anytime you get stuck.
Is this a one-time fee or a recurring subscription?
This is a one-time fee. You will only be charged once.
How long will I have access to the content?
You will have unlimited lifetime access to the content. You can use it any time at your own convenience.
What happens if I'm not happy with my purchase? What is your refund policy?
We have a completely risk-free refund policy. If you're not happy with your purchase for any reason, you can get a full refund within 10 days of your purchase. Just email [email protected] with the email address you purchased with and your receipt number.

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