Zero To PM

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Zero To PM

Very well written and easy to follow. This book hits the goal of providing an overview for those looking to break into product management role.

There is a lot of wisdom spread over the internet about how to break into product management. Albeit, content on the internet comes with a lot of noise. I wrote this book to provide aspiring product managers with a consolidated guide filled with the fundamental knowledge and practical, actionable tips to break into product management.

The purpose of this book is to provide the readers a better understanding of the product management landscape, help them identify the skills they need to develop and chalk out a plan to break into product management.

This is not a Product Management reference book. This book is not to be considered as "everything there is to know about product management" or a book that contains shortcuts to get into the field. This is NOT an exhaustive collection of all the resources you will need to become a product manager.

Think of this book as a guide that will show you what the product management journey holds for you, equip you with the basic necessities, and put you on the hassle-free path to the starting point in case you decide to take on the journey.

If you have been looking for a 'Demystifying Product Management' guide minus the jargon and frills, your search ends here. 4 hours well spent!

About The Author

Akshay is a product guy with over 5 years of product management and 6 years of software development experience. He has been a product manager for an industry leading endpoint backup solution at a B2B SaaS company named Druva and now leads the product management effort for a loyalty rewards platform at Zinrelo. 

Akshay has built Zero To PM which is a curated library of product management resources grouped by key product management topics.

A must read for anyone planning to transition into Product Management. Very useful content with practical suggestions to land a PM role. Very Well written.

Table of Contents

What's inside the book?

  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Who is this book for?
  • 3. Understanding the product management function
  • 4. Understanding the product life cycle
  • 5. Understanding the key concepts of product management
  • 6. Market Research
  • 7. Customer Development
  • 8. Competitive Analysis
  • 9. Minimum Viable Product
  • 10. Product Market Fit
  • 11. Product Strategy
  • 12. Roadmaps and Prioritization
  • 13. Go To Market Strategy
  • 14. Product Pricing
  • 15. Developing the core skill set required for product management
  • 16. Execution
  • 17. Customer Insight
  • 18. Strategy
  • 19. Communication
  • 20. People Management
  • 21. Three Most Common paths leading to product management
  • 22. Internal Transition at your current company
  • 23. Junior PM at a company in the same domain as your existing company
  • 24. Joining a startup with a very small team
  • 25. Building credibility as a product manager
  • 26. Leveraging Social Media
  • 27. Building Side Projects
  • 28. The path forward...
  • 29. Acknowledgements


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