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The Free Visual Guide to Getting Started with Angular

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The Free Visual Guide to Getting Started with Angular
In this visual guide, we'll take an interesting new approach to understanding Angular.

Instead of diving right in with code, we'll use graphics to understand the framework's moving parts.

We'll cover the basics by relying heavily on images. After that, we'll see some code in action!

About The Author

Hi I'm Ajdin Imsirovic, a senior developer, author and educator.

I am passionate about teaching, having written dozens of tutorials  on my website https://www.codingexercises.com and published many technical books.

Table of Contents

What's inside the course?

  • 1. How to generate a new Angular project
  • 2. Inspecting the skeleton Angular app
  • 3. Inserting an Angular app into index.html
  • 4. Styling the Navigation Component
  • 5. Moving the HTML of the App Component
  • 6. Writing the ProfileComponent from scratch
  • 7. Adding Global Styles
  • 8. Showing the Profile Page Using Angular Routing
  • 9. Adding a login component
  • 10. Binding Template Files to Class Files
  • 11. Property binding in Angular
  • 12. Binding a property to a button click
  • 13. Comparing one-way and two-way data binding in Angular
  • 14. Examining Property Bindings in Angular in More Detail
  • 15. Understanding Services in Angular
  • 16. Working with HttpClient
  • 17. Showing the Profile Page Using Angular Routing

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