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Salesforce Administrator Jumpstart Career Development

Being a senior in college, I wasn't sure which path I should take when it came to tech. I can honestly say purchasing this course gave me the insight I needed in order to pursue a career as an administrator, then eventually a developer in the Salesforce ecosystem. Thank you Kimberly!

One of the main ways to become a Salesforce Administrator is to prep, study, and then pass the Salesforce Certified Administrator exam to get your very own, shiny Salesforce Administrator Certificate.

It’s even possible to land a Salesforce Admin job without certification. But…


And just getting your certification only goes so far if you can’t use it to get paid.


The  Salesforce Administrator Jumpstart
Career Development Course

A career development course designed to help you break into tech and land your first Salesforce Admin Job! 

Inside, you'll learn:

  • What you need to know about getting your first Salesforce Admin job
  • How to create a study plan and get your Salesforce Admin Certification
  • How to package your existing experience and skills to attract recruiters
  • How to find entry-level admin jobs where you can earn more and learn on the job
  • What to say in the interview so you can land your first Salesforce Admin job

Why Does Career Development Matter?

☛ Career development is about setting goals, creating a plan to achieve those goals, and continuing to pursue the vision. And when 59% of employees invest in their own upskilling*, it makes it harder to compete with the competition. Invest in yourself and be competitive in the market.

☛ The Salesforce ecosystem is growing every day*, so having clarity on the job market ensures that you are valuing yourself correctly and are able to translate both your soft skills and technical skills to any role you interview for. Done correctly and creating an effective personal brand, the recruiters will be finding you!

54% of Recruiters say that they'll reject a resume if the resume isn't customized or tailored.* But if you do not know how to craft your own resume or understand the role you're applying to- there's a slim chance of tailoring it correctly. This course gives you the tips and tricks you need to get ahead of the competition!

☛ 29% of Millennials are not engaged at the office* because they are working for companies that don't offer enough opportunities to grow. You don't need to be part of that percentage! Stop going through the motions and begin taking control of your own destiny! It's time to call the shots on what will keep you engaged as an employee.

(Visit the full sales page on my website to learn more and see the full FAQ.)

Please note that due to the nature of this digital asset, there will be no refunds for this course. With purchase, you are agreeing to the following terms:
Jumpstart Salesforce Administrator Beta Program Course Agreement.

About The Author

Hi! I'm Your Salesforce Career Strategist.
I help entry to mid-level tech professionals get into tech by helping them launch or transition to a Salesforce career path. and job opportunities in the US. I love how Salesforce allows me to do work I enjoy while earning a six-figure salary, and I’m passionate about helping others do the same.

I’ve worked my way from a help desk specialist to a Salesforce Business Analyst and Consultant and you can too! The market salaries of new professionals are proof that Salesforce is an incredible and accessible way to increase your career mobility and income.

Table of Contents

What's inside the course?

  • 1. Start Here ⬇️
    • 1.1. 📥 Intake Questionnaire
    • 1.2. 💬 Join the Discord!
    • 1.3. Log Update History
  • 2. Introduction
    • 2.1. 👋🏽 Hi Techies! (An Introduction to the Jumpstart Salesforce Admin Course.)
    • 2.2. Meet Your Instructor
    • 2.3. Make the Most of This Course
    • 2.4. (Legalese.)
  • 3. Unit 1: What is a Salesforce Admin?
    • 3.1. What is Salesforce?
    • 3.2. Who uses Salesforce?
    • 3.3. The definition of a Salesforce Admin & Why Salesforce Admins are Valuable
    • 3.4. The duties and responsibilities of Salesforce Admins & Soft Skills
    • 3.5. Researching Salary Range & How Your Experience Impacts Your Earning Potential
    • 3.6. Finding Your Market Rate
    • 3.7. Career Paths for Salesforce Admins
    • 3.8. Certification Paths for Salesforce Admins
    • 3.9. 📓 Unit 1 Workbook
  • 4. Unit 2
    • 4.1. Why do certifications matter?
    • 4.2. Which Exam to Focus On
    • 4.3. Format of the Exam & Additional Test Information
    • 4.4. Creating a Study Plan & Study Tips
    • 4.5. Learning with Trailhead (Recommended trails & trailmixes)
    • 4.6. How to Sign Up for Trailhead
    • 4.7. Creating a Developer org account
    • 4.8. (Unofficial) Recommended Resources
    • 4.9. 📓 Unit 2 Workbook
  • 5. Unit 3
    • 5.1. Valuable Soft skills for administrators
    • 5.2. Skills On the Job
    • 5.3. Skills Without Experience
    • 5.4. 📓 Unit 3 Workbook
  • 6. Unit 4
    • 6.1. Creating a Personal Career Plan
    • 6.2. References Preparation
    • 6.3. Breaking into the Market & Mindset
    • 6.4. How to find Salesforce Job Leads
    • 6.5. Creating a Job Search Strategy
    • 6.6. Create a great personal brand
    • 6.7. Examples of Really Great Personal Brands
    • 6.8. Perfect your Elevator Pitch
    • 6.9. Show Your Commitment to Learning
    • 6.10. 📓 Unit 4 Workbook
  • 7. Unit 5
    • 7.1. Why Resumes Matter & What Sections You Need
    • 7.2. Drafting, Editing & Formatting Your Resume
    • 7.3. Example Resume for Future Admins
    • 7.4. Ways to Improve Your Resume & ATS Tips
    • 7.5. How to write a cover letter
    • 7.6. What Winning LinkedIn Profiles Look Like
    • 7.7. Example of a Winning Profile
    • 7.8. 📓 Unit 5 Workbook
  • 8. Unit 6
    • 8.1. Researching & Prepping for Interviews
    • 8.2. Interview Questions
    • 8.3. Email etiquette with recruiters
    • 8.4. How & When to Negotiate a Salary
    • 8.5. How to accept a job offer
    • 8.6. 📓 Unit 6 Workbook
  • 9. Final Thoughts
    • 9.1. I Got the Job… Now What?
    • 9.2. Continuing Your Ohana Journey
    • 9.3. 📥 Course Evaluation Questionnaire
  • 10. Bonuses
    • 10.1. BONUS: "Job Search Tracker" Asana Template
    • 10.2. BONUS: "Dorothy" Resume Files
    • 10.3. BONUS: Salesforce Administrator (Asana Template) Study Plan


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Frequently asked questions

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Does this course cover exam content?
We understand the desire for a technical breakdown of the course, but this course does not cover any technical exam content beyond the exam outline. The course emphasizes how to study rather than what to study. The bonus study plan also provides a way to break down the topics of the exams and helps you stay accountable. We encourage you to leverage Trailhead and other resources for reviewing technical topics.
Don’t See Your Question In The FAQ’s?
I love connecting with you and answering your burning questions for “Jumpstart Salesforce Administrator Career Development Training: From Enthusiast To Hired”. You can email us directly at [email protected] to get in touch and we’ll return the favor within 48 business hours.
What if I have a question as I'm going through the course?
You’ll get access to the private discussion forums! Questions that are more generalized can be answered by students or moderators. If you have specific questions about the content itself, reach out to Lipstick and Tech and we’ll be happy to help!
Can you guarantee that I'll find a job? Can you walk me through getting an admin job?
While we cannot guarantee employment, we’ve received lots of feedback that these techniques worked in creating their own personal brand, clarifying their understanding of the personal and corporate goals of Salesforce administration, and improving their job hunting material.
Is this a one-time fee or a recurring subscription?
This is a one-time fee. You will only be charged once.
How long will I have access to the content?
You will have unlimited lifetime access to the content. You can use it any time at your own convenience.

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