Want to earn a living teaching what you already know?

"The level of innovation Learnetto brings to independent teachers is an incredibly unique opportunity for every teacher. I'm excited to be working with an education company that cares about it's students and teachers!"

Kalob Taulien
Teacher of The Ultimate HTML Developer course

Learnetto can give you access to lots of students to help you make a real living from your courses.

You might be wondering... but... how are you different from other sites?

Firstly, we give you a fair share of the revenue - we take a flat 25% of the revenue and you keep the lion's share, regardless of where the student came from.

There are no subscription or any hidden charges.

Even more importantly, you can freely communicate with students via the platform. After all they are your students!

You can charge what you want, there's no maximum price limit. It's your course, so you set the price.

We share analytics so you can see where students get stuck and improve your course.

You own your course content, so you're free to sell it anywhere else you like.

We'll set up the course for you free of cost, you just have to provide us with the content. Get started now, it'll only take 5 minutes to answer a few questions and we'll be in touch.

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