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Photo credit: Keith Pitts at keithmelissa.com

Photo credit: Keith Pitts

What other creators are saying

I was recently preparing to do a product launch for my book The Complete Guide to Rails Testing. The founder of Learnetto, Hrishi Mittal, came to me and advised me to also launch on Learnetto. He offered to basically do all the work for me. And so I said, Why not? And so we did it.

It worked out well! A little under 10% of my total launch sales were from Learnetto. I was really happy to have that extra boost from the Learnetto sales.

And working with Hrishi was super easy and I would highly recommend Learnetto to anyone else launching their own product.

Why you should use Learnetto

Get access to new students & revenue without any extra work

Get the benefits of a marketplace while keeping control over pricing and your relationship with your customers.

Publish tutorials, books & courses
Create free and paid content in text and video formats . Publish as single articles or video lessons, or package them into a book or course.
Sell books and courses
Make money from your premium content. We handle everything including EU VAT.
Beautiful landing pages
Fully optimised, fast, slick, modern landing pages to get you more customers.
Video hosting and streaming
Upload videos for individual tutorials and courses. We will host and stream them to your students.
Author and design your content
Use our authoring tools to create high quality books and courses. You can choose to use our WYSIWYG editor or import your Markdown, PDF, Word and Google Docs files.
Great mobile user experience
Give your students and customers a great learning experience on mobile. In addition to PDFs, mobi and epub formats, Learnetto provides a nice web based reading experience, which makes learning on smartphones a joy.
Accept pre-orders
Not sure what to teach? Test your book or course ideas by letting your audience place pre-orders for early access - before you create any content.
Get more newsletter subscribers
People can follow you to get email updates about your content and products.
Beautiful author profile
Showcase all your expertise and educational content in one beautiful profile page - a great way to build trust and demonstrate your authority in your domain.
Granular user feedback & discussions
Your students can comment on specific parts of your book or course. Getting pointed feedback and questions is a great way to get ideas for your next infoproducts.

"Learnetto helped me a lot as a new creator to keep going and reach more people in my audience. I joined the Black Friday bundle deal next to some other great course creators and the results were great!"

No monthly fees. Just 10% per sale.

Includes payment processing fees

Get every single feature and unlimited customers.

No contracts or upfront costs, so you can start selling without risk for free

We only make money when you make money.

* Sales below $5 will incur an extra $0.50 charge to cover minimum charges applied by payment processors.

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Frequently asked questions

I have never taught online. Will you help me get started?

We'd love to! Our mission is to help everyone share their knowledge.

If you need guidance on how to get started creating educational content - whether it's a tutorial, book or course - sign up today and email [email protected]

I already use Gumroad. Why should I use this?

Learnetto is specifically designed for learning. better reading and video course experience on the desktop and mobile. Your customers will be happier with a better experience on mobile.

We will actively help you sell more. With a new sales channel you will get access to a steady stream of new students who come to our site to learn from other experts.

We will setup your profile and landing pages, and import your existing content from Gumroad.

I already use Teachable/Podia/Thinkific/Kajabi. Why should I use this?

Having your own branded education site sounds good in theory. But most creators end up struggling to get any customers.

With Learnetto, you don't have to manage another website. You get access to thousands of more potential customers who come to our site to learn from other experts.

If you wish to have your own branded website, you can continue to do so, and still publish your content on Learnetto to get a bigger audience and more money.

Do I get my own subdomain?

No, all content is hosted on learnetto.com.

By pooling content from lots of teachers on a variety of topics in one place, we will get your books and courses in front of many more people than you can on your own.

If you are just starting out, it's a no-brainer to make use of our growing audience rather than struggle on your own.

How do payouts work?

We can pay you through PayPal, Wise (previously TransferWise), or direct bank transfer if you're in the UK. But we are also actively working on providing payouts through other means including Stripe. If you have any other preferred method, we're happy to try and use it.

Do you handle tax?

Yes, we handle EU VAT. We can automatically add VAT to your product's price based on the customer's location. We also provide full transaction details for your accounting needs.

We can also handle US sales tax, where applicable and are working on handling sales taxes for other locations.