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Photo credit: Keith Pitts at keithmelissa.com

Photo credit: Keith Pitts

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I was recently preparing to do a product launch for my book The Complete Guide to Rails Testing. The founder of Learnetto, Hrishi Mittal, came to me and advised me to also launch on Learnetto. He offered to basically do all the work for me. And so I said, Why not? And so we did it.

It worked out well! A little under 10% of my total launch sales were from Learnetto. I was really happy to have that extra boost from the Learnetto sales.

And working with Hrishi was super easy and I would highly recommend Learnetto to anyone else launching their own product.

"Learnetto helped me a lot as a new creator to keep going and reach more people in my audience. I joined the Black Friday bundle deal next to some other great course creators and the results were great!"