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Programmer’s Dictionary
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Testimonials from current students

"Bhumi does a very good job of explaining complex topics in a simple and comprehensive way"
Testimonial by Nikolai from June 2020

"So helpful! She immediately gave me clear, actionable steps I could use to focus on the things in my career that are important."
Testimonial by Camille from August 2020

"Such a great mentor, amazing experience! Thank you!"
Testimonial by Luis from September 2020

"Bhumi is a good communicator. She listened to me, acknowledged areas where we might not be a good fit, yet helped me with a work situation where she could. Good mentor"
Testimonial by Salman from May 2020

Web Programming Concepts
01. API Application Programming Interface
02. Client Server Pattern
03. DOM Document Object Model
04. HTTP and TCP/IP
05. JSON Javascript Object Notation
06. MVC Model View Controller
07. SQL Structured Query Language

Computer Science Topics
08. Binary Number System
09. Boolean Logic
10. Data Structures
11. IP Address
12. OOP Object Oriented Programming
13. Operating Systems
14. Recursion

Core Tools
15. CLI Command Line Interface
16. Git and Version Control

About The Author

Bhumi is a Software Engineer with 15 years of hands on experience. She has a Bachelors and Masters degree in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania. She has been informally teaching/mentoring developers for many years. This resource is inspired by questions from her students. To learn more about Bhumi checkout her mentor profile.

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